Dye Test

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Dye Tests

What is a dye test?

A dye test is used to verify if the gutters, driveway drains, yard drains, or other stormwater collection devices on your property are connected to the correct sewer system and are in compliance with your local government. 

do I need to complete a dye test?

Property owners who wish to sell are required to be in compliance with all dye testing ordinances and must complete and pass the test in order to be eligible for sale.

How does the dye test work?

The test is typically performed by a plumber or inspector and involves placing a non-staining water soluble dye tablet into the drain or downspout of your property and flushed with water. Certain areas of the property like storm drains are then monitored for the appearance of traces of the dyed water. This determines whether or not the property is connected to the correct sewer system.

What fees are involved?

The requirements, fees, and procedures vary by your property’s location. Be sure to contact your local government to verify. Listed below are various contacts to help you with this.

Why Do I need to complete a dye test?

A dye test is required by The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in order to control overloading of the sanitary sewer system. It is required by law to complete one and pass  if you are selling a property.

What if I fail a dye test?

If you fail a dye test you will most likely have to connect your property’s downspouts into the storm sewer system to correct the problem.

Local Government Contacts