How to Wholesale Real Estate with a Realtor

How to Wholesale Real Estate with a Realtor

How to Wholesale Real Estate with a Realtor and Gain Higher Profits

The question of how to wholesale real estate with a realtor is not a new one. In many areas, real estate agents are actively involved in the process of managing and selling distressed properties that aren’t usually too expensive. These properties are ideal targets for beginning real estate wholesalers who want to make money without having to resort to their own sources of capital. Moreover, with the help of an experienced realtor, it will be easier for the wholesaler to learn all about the industry and make the right choices.

How a Realtor Can Help

When considering how to wholesale real estate with a realtor, the most obvious advantage is that realtors know a lot about the local market. If you are targeting their farm areas, local realtors can provide you with invaluable insight about the properties found there, the people living in the area, and the investors who are also considering purchasing properties for their own profit. Realtors who have dealt with wholesalers in the past will know all about what you might be searching for, and they are the best people to contact for long term initiatives. You can use their services to target newly appearing distressed homes on a regular basis, find them before other investors do, and maximize your efficiency when it comes to taking care of paperwork and closing deals.

Use Realtors to Wholesale Real Estate Before Searching the MLS

Another remarkable advantage that becomes clear when learning how to wholesale real estate with a realtor is that a lot of real estate agents will have access to certain deals before they appear on the MLS, This fact is especially true for undervalued and rehab properties that are not typically targeted by investors who don’t want to go through a lot of trouble from the start. If you have some capital at your disposal, then this is a viable option for you. Also, with the help of a dependable and resourceful real estate professional, you will have better access to property management, handyman, cleaning and contractor services that will help rehabilitate certain properties before they are ready to be resold.

Fast Deals and Wholesale Real Estate

How fast you find, buy and sell a real estate property represents how quickly you can obtain a higher profit. When it comes to this important detail, figuring out how to wholesale real estate with a realtor can definitely come in handy. You can start by setting a desired goal for how many properties you’d like to buy and sell in a limited period, such as a quarter, a month or even two weeks. Realtors can advise you on the best types of properties to aim for, depending on your goal. They can also help find those properties faster and negotiate with the owners to get them to close with fewer reservations.

Higher Profits with Realtors

Even though you still have to pay realtors for the services they provide, the overall profits you can obtain by finding suitable properties more quickly will be well worth it. Moreover, learning how to wholesale real estate with a realtor will pay off when searching for buyers and investors, since your realtor will already know all about the main players and types of buyers who normally seek out the types of properties you’re selling.