How To Wholesale Real Estate With No Money Down

How To Wholesale Real Estate With No Money Down

How to Wholesale Real Estate with No Money Down and Still Gain a Profit

If you want to know how to wholesale real estate with no money down, you’ve come to the right place. Although some will tell you that wholesaling still requires some money to start with – even if just to promote your endeavor – this isn’t necessarily so. There are title companies that can help you get started without any money, and there are also working marketing and networking strategies that require almost no monetary investment. Choosing the right tactics can be extremely rewarding and get you a 5-figure income right off the bat.

Can You Be a Real Estate Investor Without Investing?

Although it takes a lot of dedication, intelligence and hard work, it is definitely possible to become a real estate investor without actually investing anything at first. Figuring out how to wholesale real estate with no money down is all about that, and it’s not that hard to learn. The key is to become a mediator and a knowledgeable (and well-known) personality in the local real estate market. You have to put effort into making connections rather than investing capital. Of course, you can never get something out of nothing. So when it comes to wholesaling and other no-money-down investment schemes, you’ll actually invest your time to learn about real estate and connect with the right people.

The Basics of Wholesale Real Estate

Are you interested in how to wholesale real estate with no money down? Here it is! You don’t need credit or capital to start out as a wholesale real estate investor. What you need is a good title company and the necessary legal and business knowledge to draft your own sale and purchase contracts. Although the latter can take some effort to acquire, the former is much easier. All you need to know is that you’re looking for a title company that can handle escrow and double closings at the same time. The company will give you the opportunity to market the properties you find as “owner per contract,” and you get to close the deal by transferring the buyer’s funds directly to the seller of the property. Your best option is to find a cash buyer, to avoid any issues with lenders.

Promote Yourself with No Money

When trying to learn how to wholesale real estate with no money down, there’s still an issue with advertising and marketing. Even the cheapest marketing techniques require some money – don’t they? Actually, if you own a printer, an open source picture editor, a free online video account and a car, you can already get started. Video marketing with sites like YouTube is free, and you can use quick online guides to create and print your own business cards and fliers. Distributing them will be easy if you go door to door, and you can also use your car to attend networking events in your area.

Co-Wholesaling – A Profitable Approach

If you want something a little more unique, you can also try co-wholesaling. Working as a “scout,” the co-wholesaler uses marketing, online resources and connections to find better deals and bring them to a wholesaler that they have a co-wholesaling agreement with. Through this approach, you can get up to 50% of the profits without even having to deal with the title company yourself. These simple considerations can help you start out on how to wholesale real estate with no money down, and gain excellent profits in the process.