Land Title Guarantee Company

Land Title Guarantee Company

What to Expect from a Land Title Guarantee Company – Escrow and Title Insurance Services

When it comes to choosing a land title guarantee company, property buyers might find themselves in difficulty because of the many available options. While some might choose land title companies and escrow companies separately, others will aim to use the same company for both tasks, saving money and avoiding additional risks. As long as you do your research, this option is entirely viable, and it could even help you save on some of the purchase costs.

What Does a Title and Escrow Company Do?

If you want to make sure you close the deal on your new real estate purchase without any difficulties, a land title guarantee company can really come in handy. These types of companies usually handle both escrow and title insurance, so you don’t have to search for separate firms and agencies. While escrow and title are sometimes used interchangeably, it’s important to remember that they don’t mean the same thing. Escrow has to do with the numerous details associated with a real estate transaction. In turn, title companies are responsible for issuing title insurance, which provides you with the security that there won’t be any issues relating to the passing of ownership. A title and escrow company handles both aspects of the real estate transaction, making sure you don’t have to use separate escrow agencies or title firms.

Using the Same Company for Title and Escrow

Is it wise to use a land title guarantee company to handle escrow and title insurance? In most cases, the practical answer is “yes,” since title companies are not capable of handling escrow and escrow agencies don’t deal with title insurance. At the same time, smaller companies specializing in each of these segments in part might have more free time on their hands and a better level of specialization. However, the trade-off is that you might have to pay extra to hire a standalone escrow service. On the other hand, large land title companies are known to deal with more than just title insurance. Some of them operate their own escrow offices, and can easily help you with all the legal paperwork necessary to make the transaction work. These companies are typically considered by experts to be your best choice when it comes to dealing with escrow and land title insurance as an “all-in-one” package.

Escrow Company Recommendations

So what should your land title guarantee company know when it comes to managing escrow? The company has to, first of all, be a local company that has good knowledge of all the legal paperwork that might be required. The escrow holder has to make sure all the conditions of the sale are met prior to closing the deal, and also has to impartially carry out all the instructions given by the principals involved – the seller, buyer and lender.

What to Expect from a Reliable Title Company

Aside from managing escrow, your land title guarantee company has to issue reliable and affordable title insurance. This means they have to be experienced in conducting title searches and generous in providing low-cost services that are included in the standard policy. Some of these services can include detection and protection from false impersonations, undisclosed heirs, forged deeds, instruments that were executed under expired power of attorney, misinterpretation of a will and fraudulent activities.

Land Title Companies – Making Your Final Choices

Your final decision regarding the title company you choose will typically be influenced by your real estate agent. Agents usually know which local companies are legitimate and which ones are worth the expense. They can guide you in your choice for selecting the best title company and also make sure that you won’t run into any difficulties when it comes to escrow tasks. It is, of course, best to carry out your own searches as well, and when it comes to a land title guarantee company, you’ll find that making up your own mind will save you a lot of trouble down the line.